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First Week of Ulduar Recap
Apr 28, 09 1:30 PM
Antechamber Wtfpwned, Progression Rolls On
Apr 27, 09 11:11 AM
Ulduar Progression
Apr 25, 09 2:50 PM
Ulduar Raid Times
Apr 14, 09 2:45 AM
Raid Times
Mar 23, 09 4:03 PM
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Welcome to Aethyr Knights

IMPORTANT: In preparation for progression into Ulduar, we request all active raiders to post here with what you plan to have as your main talent spec for raiding going forward.

Note to new or prospective members:
We ask that you read our policies (click on the link called Guild Policies underneath this message). If you would like to fill out an application to join the guild, please register for the website and fill out the application that goes along with the process.  Applicants should be progression-minded and willing to put the time and effort required into progression raiding.  If you give us your time and effort, we'll reward you with dead bosses and phat loot.

We are a casual raiding guild.  We are looking for active characters interested in progressing through endgame content.  We ask that if you are new to the guild or wish to join, please register on the website and fill out an application if you haven't yet.  If you have any questions, check our guild policies or feel free to post on our forums.
Other Guild News

First Week of Ulduar Recap

ptitus10, Apr 28, 09 1:30 PM.
Well, we reached the end of our first real week getting through stuff in Ulduar and here's how things went: We downed 8 bosses in ten man, including the entire antechamber and two of the watchers. Congratulations to Beric and Dinnadinn on the first pieces of Tier 8. We look forward to getting in there this upcoming week and getting towards the end of the instance. Great work everyone!

Antechamber Wtfpwned, Progression Rolls On

ptitus10, Apr 27, 09 11:11 AM.
Congratulations everyone, we finished killing off the bosses in the Antechamber last night (Auriaya and Iron Council). Both kills were very well done and I can't wait to get back in there tonight. Watchers, you're on notice!

Ulduar Progression

ptitus10, Apr 25, 09 2:50 PM.
Last night we were able to finally get through a little bit of 10 man Ulduar. We cleared Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002 Deconstructor, and Kologarn, and were working on Ignis before we called it for the night. Congratulations to everyone who was in the group for the great work and on the phat loot.

Ulduar Raid Times

ptitus10, Apr 14, 09 2:45 AM.
For the first week Ulduar is out the raid times are as follows:

Tuesday: off to get used to new class changes
Wednesday 6pm: Naxx25
Thursday 8pm: Ulduar25
Friday: Ulduar25 Cont?
Sat TBA: Ulduar10 Core
Sun TBA: Ulduar10 cont?

After the first week, raid times will be:

Tuesday 6pm: Naxx25
Weds 6pm: Ulduar25
Thurs 8pm: Ulduar25 cont
Sat TBA: Ulduar10
Sun TBA: Ulduar10 cont

Raid Times

ptitus10, Mar 23, 09 4:03 PM.
I apologize for this, but raid times on the calendar are pretty messed up and I don't feel like editing them so here are the raid times:

Naxx10 Group 1: 6pm server
Naxx10 Group 2: 7pm server

Naxx25: 6pm server

EoE10: 8pm server

OS25: 6pm server
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